A name synonymous with disdain for LGBTQIA+ communities from those of religious ilk, Sodom, along with Gomorrah, has long been used as a club to prove that the old testament, namely in the Book of Genesis, amongst others – the Christian faithful are taught that Homosexuality is a sin. I have to say, at thisContinue reading “THE SODOM & GOMORRAH CONUNDRUM: A DECONSTRUCTION OF ETYMOLOGY (Updated: Nov 2022)”

Where Next for Faith?

We are often more fortunate in this country than we realise. Matters of faith, religion, even the lack of any philosophy is governed not by law but protected by it.  It is a fact that the UK government desire no control nor influence over that which it designates as a matter of conscience. Christian SpiritualismContinue reading “Where Next for Faith?”

The Deep Rooted Tree

A Parable, within a parable, about the identity of God, and how some choose not to listen, only talk! I often look forward to talking about my faith and my way of life.  I rarely start the conversation mind you, as I feel the best way to have people listen to what you are saying,Continue reading “The Deep Rooted Tree”

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