Two Thousand Words

Our words have the power to harm or to heal, words have the power to inspire or to dissuade, words have the power to educate or words can have the power to misinform.  They can shine light in dark places and bring joy where there is sadness, they can bring hope, anticipation and aspiration toContinue reading “Two Thousand Words”


A name synonymous with disdain for LGBTQIA+ communities from those of religious ilk, Sodom, along with Gomorrah, has long been used as a club to prove that the old testament, namely in the Book of Genesis, amongst others – the Christian faithful are taught that Homosexuality is a sin. I have to say, at thisContinue reading “THE SODOM & GOMORRAH CONUNDRUM: A DECONSTRUCTION OF ETYMOLOGY (Updated: Nov 2022)”

Can Christmas Really Cancelled?

Will this be an actual reflection of the first Christmas, will we have experienced the real Christmas themes and tones for the first time in a long time? As we see reports that “Christmas is cancelled” amid the Covid pandemic, as we are surrounded by differing views and outright falsehoods about the world in whichContinue reading “Can Christmas Really Cancelled?”

The Devolution of The Species?

We live in such polarised times. It seems that everywhere we look, people are dealing in absolutes, rather than finding balance and equality. “Either you are with me or against me”, “you disagree with me so you are wrong”, we are a world where debate is seen and feels like an attack, so we lashContinue reading “The Devolution of The Species?”