The Devolution of The Species?

We live in such polarised times. It seems that everywhere we look, people are dealing in absolutes, rather than finding balance and equality. “Either you are with me or against me”, “you disagree with me so you are wrong”, we are a world where debate is seen and feels like an attack, so we lash out and dabate and conversation becomes battle and war.

Instead of listening, we assume, instead of sharing, we shout because we believe the loudest voice wins.

If we disagree with something or someone, we label it, group it together, and create more division, rather than asking the most important question we focus on the what, rather than the why.

Only by focusing on the why, instead of the what, can we reach the core, and fix it.

In order to progress in the heavenly realms, we must look inward, and face our truths and our actions, yet this is no limited or unique concept. To move forward as a race we must do the same in our earthly lives.

We still, even now believe we are a grown up species, we have progressed, and whilst this may be true, on some level, we still shy away from the simplest of solutions for growth, and ignore the hardest of questions, through fear, through the concern that there are still some things within that some are not ready to face.

We fear, we remain silent, we fail!

We, and our earthly instrument our earthly instruments are equally guilty of this.

We fear touching some topic or another as we fear the responce will outweigh the message, but without a full and clear picture, inward and outward we cannot grow.

There is but one truth, and but one evidence what must be understood, that if we must resort to name calling and picking out the features of an individual to justify our standpoint, to separate them from us, this is not the reflection of the great spirit, but the animalistic self that is not part of the work or the meaning of the great spirit.  

Whilst we in the heavenly realms will assist in helping to identification of such individuals and groups that do not stand with, and to the standard of spiritual kindness, it is still the personal responsibility of the physical world to show the opposite – therefore drowning out the sounds and sights of negativity and injustice, that are not a part of the gift that the great spirit wishes for us.

Only with patience, kindness and understanding can the world progress, however this does not mean we should allow that patience to silence us when we remind our self’s, and others that of these truths.

It is important to remember, as we have said before, many times, when it comes to any group, tollerance is no victory. If we settle for tollerace, things are never going to change. Tollerance is someone ‘putting up’ with something they hate. Acceptance is the true goal.

Be at peace, for we will guide you to a greater world, but you must be the ones to walk that journey.

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