Communication between this world and the world of Spirit, also called the Afterlife.


Sharing the Eight Principles of Christian Spiritualism and Spiritualist Philosophy.

Christian Spiritualism

The first Modern Spiritualists were Christian, teaching Love, Unity, and Healing.

Where Next for Faith?

We are often more fortunate in this country than we realise. Matters of faith, religion, even the lack of any philosophy is governed not by law but protected by it.  It is a fact that the UK government desire no control nor influence over that which it designates as a matter of conscience. Christian Spiritualism […]

The Disparaged Architect

A Parable concerning the question; If there is a God, why do bad things happen? There was once an architect who had the idea of creating the greatest home for people there had ever been.  He had it all worked out in his mind to build the nicest block of flats in the universe, it […]

The Deep Rooted Tree

A Parable, within a parable, about the identity of God, and how some choose not to listen, only talk! I often look forward to talking about my faith and my way of life.  I rarely start the conversation mind you, as I feel the best way to have people listen to what you are saying, […]

This video is of a Service at our church in Littleport, with Mediumship from the wonderful Shelley Youell.
This is the one service I was unable to conduct in 2020, so the fabulous Tony Swindells stepped in for me. But there is more! This Service reached legendary status when our Rev Lyn spoke about the book of Genesis – all I will – or can say is “Yogurt Pots” – Enjoy!